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Dominic Spooner

Chief Executive Officer


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Dominic Spooner is the founder and managing director of Vaulta.

Dominic has over 12 years experience as a design engineer and has worked in a range of industries including renewables and batteries, defence and aerospace, consumer products, commercial products and startups.

Dominic founded Vaulta with the core mission to eliminate battery waste and make lithium battery use more efficient, cost-friendly, and sustainable. Dominic spearheaded the development of a battery casing design architecture that eliminates the need for welding, screws and glues, which all contribute to the current lack of repair, re-use and recycling of batteries worldwide. Additionally, Vaulta has developed a highly thermally conductive polymer for use in battery packs that is electrically insular, meaning heat can be pulled from battery packs without adding design complexity.

Through this award-winning patented technology developed from 2020 to 2022, Vaulta now locally manufactures fully compliant, battery energy storage product for residential and commercial use, and undertakes development battery projects in the fields of electric vehicles, defence, consumer and entertainment.

Dominic Spooner
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