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Adam Best

Principal Research Scientist


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Dr. Adam Best is a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency, and leads several research programs related to cell chemistry and battery systems. He is the Co-Lead for the CSIRO mission in development, Renewable Energy Powerhouse that seeks to build the more value from Australia’s critical minerals.

Dr. Best is a 2017 Churchill Fellow who studied the development of advanced electrolytes and how Australia can establish a lithium battery industry, and later co-authored the FBICRC CSIRO Report “State of Play Australian Battery Industries as at March 2020”. Adam is the Co-Director and Co-Founder of the Australian Battery Society (, is the Vice-President of the International Meeting on Lithium Batteries (IMLB), was the Co-Chair and Host for IMLB 2022 ( which was held in Sydney, and is regularly invited to speak at Industry and academic conferences on matters relating to battery technologies.

Adam is passionate about building an Australian battery industry and being part of the global battery value chain and works to connect companies and researchers locally and globally.

Adam Best
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